What are the effects of a sound massage?

When lying on the sound massage table the recipient's body becomes part of the instrument's resonating body. The sound's fine vibration penetrates the entire body tissue, every cell is bathed in sound and is gently stimulated.

This is quite an unusual stimulus for our system and the first reaction is often a feeling of exhilaration and amazement. After allowing oneself to be immersed in sound for a while, our body starts to respond in its own individual way.

Many recipients describe pleasant sensations of tingling and warmth in various areas of the body, a heightened perception of their body, an apparent dissolving of the physical boundaries and an enjoyable sense of heaviness.

If one allows oneself to get involved more deeply in this experience there may be a shift towards other layers of consciousness which are normally not so accessible due to the controlling and analytical mind. Here is where the jouney begins into one's inner self with all its treasures and challenges.

Of course it up to the recipient to decide at any given moment whether to enjoy the sound massage as a simple wellness and relaxation treatment or as a vehicle for a journey of the soul. Before every session individual requests, expectations and possible problems are addressed.