What is sound massage?

Sound massage is a unique relaxation therapy which uses sounds rich in overtones to harmonize body and mind. The sound is not only perceived by the ears but as fine vibrations transferred directly from the instrument onto the whole body. I mainly use stringed instruments like the sound massage table and the body tambura to create sound. Whilst the recipient is lying comfortably on the sound massage table, it is made to vibrate by steadily playing its 64 strings located underneath it's surface which creates a warm, enveloping tapestry of sound rich in overtones.

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The body tambura is a smaller instrument of similar construction which is placed on specific areas of the body, e.g. the abdomen or back. In addition, tubular bells, tuning forks, sansulas and singing bowls may be used. I often combine the effect of the sound with a gentle acupressure treatment which can have a very beneficial effect on the body.

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